Here you will find my clients and people that I have influenced in the health and fitness industry.

“… I absolutely love this place!  As soon as I signed up, I got hooked up with their head Pilates trainer–Jeanne–who introduced me to a challenging and varied fitness routine that really worked on every single part of my body. (Uh, I lost two inches on my thighs in a month and a half!)  …Okay, so TRX: I’ve been doing advanced Pilates for 6 or 7 years and was an elite-level gymnast for 12 years, so I want a hardcore workout that keeps me in tip-top shape.  And I’m picky, people. I want a challenge and a trainer who doesn’t let me cheat and won’t let me get bored.  …but TRX is this miracle sort of contraption that combines the cardio I need with the core workout I want.  A 30 minute Pilates-based TRX class with Jeanne does more for me than 2 hours on a Reformer machine in a private lesson ever did…” – Melissa M. (as seen on, review: Crunch 61 New Montgomery)

“”Jeanne has been my personal trainer for about 5 months now and she is awesome!  I feel strong and great about my body since we started training.  Working out with Jeanne has helped me to be more confident and fit into my pleather pants!  No matter how lazy I’m feeling, Jeanne can always motivate me.  I look forward to our outdoor workouts and feel great about myself afterwards. I definitely recommend working out with Jeanne if you are looking for someone who is encouraging, fun, creative and knowledgeable about how to build muscle and get in shape!” – Jaime Z. (as seen on

“I have been training with Jeanne for over a year.  She has helped me immensely with my motivation, dedication, and perseverance.  Every time I feel like giving up she gives me a pep talk that reminds me of the reasons I want to do this and how it works as long as I stick with it.  She helps me see the results in a straightforward manner and gets down to the heart of why it worked or I stopped making progress this month.  By Jeanne taking the time to do this it has helped me stay on task and rededicate myself when I get off track.  I would never have been able to keep this up without the help of Jeanne.”
Sincerely, Christine McKenna

”My name is Susan Ruland and I currently train with Jeanne Floresca at Bally’s in SSF through the Total Results Weight Loss Program.  All I can say is that Jeanne is absolutely awesome.  She is highly motivating and is well informed about the right mix between exercise and eating right.With that, she understands the stress of life and has really helped me keep on track.   I lost about 30lbs with Weight Watchers but knew I needed some additional motivation and Jeanne was just what I needed. I highly recommend training with her if you have the opportunity-you won’t be sorry.”– Susan Ruland

” Working out with Jeanne was a great addition to my workout routine and I got great results! She always kept me working hard and kept me motivated even when I felt I couldn’t do another set. Thanks Jeanne!” – Allison O.

“I was absolutely thrilled when I signed up for the Fitness Program.  I was looking for specific results when I decided to “give it a try.”  The experience helped me understand my body and how I treat it. Jeanne is fabulous!!  And she is available anytime you have a question or concern. She’s perfect!!” – Maria A.

“Jeanne is the reason I enjoy “LOVE” coming to the gym.  I have lost 10lbs in a month in a half!” – Ericka

“I had such a wonderful time having you as my trainer.” – Analaura M.

“Thanks for your organization and communication concerning the group exercise classes. I have never been into classes before, but I have to say that I am really enjoying them. I appreciate that there is more choices and availability of more classes to choose from now, as I have an unconventional work schedule. You’re doing a great job!” – Nancy H.

“Bally Master Trainer Jan Kain, said “wow please let Jeanne know what awesome group x programming and fee base programming she has on the schedule.”  Jeanne, Jan has been in the fitness industry for 25 years …. Big Compliment…keep up the great work….” – Francisco F.


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