Here you will find the products and projects that I’ve done  to help people live happier lives! You can listen to guided meditation music, buy my eBook, music, and soon download cell phone apps that will make your life more fun and productive!  Also click here and check out my Favorite Stuff page where you can find great books and products I love and use daily!

 InspireHappy Genie Mobile App

NOW Available on iTunes


Your own pocket genie that inspires you to live a healthier and happier life!  Let the InspireHappy Genie encourage and guide you throughout your day with her fun, inspirational, and motivating videos so that you can achieve better health, find love, and attract success in work and life!  To bring you happiness and inspiration is her command!

 Stay tuned for more lifestyle and fitness apps coming soon…

2011: IF your day went like this…

A spiritual and personal growth book featuring a 10 Step guide that teaches you easy, interesting, and fun ways to have the best day ever! Learn life tools that range from how to exercise, to nutrition, to meditation, and stress relieving techniques so that you can live a healthier and happier life.

Read: The 10 Reasons why this book is for you!

$0.992011: 2012: Reclamation (feat. Dead Mazai) – The Calling Manifesto Mix

Spoken Word / Music / Psy-trance

A spiritual and motivational sound track to inspire and manifest personal and global change.

Guided Meditations

Benefits to guided meditation

  1. It’s a great way to learn how to meditate if you have never done it because you have a guide telling you what to do
  2. If you have experience in meditating, then you can improve your imagination and visual techniques
  3. There are many ways to meditate: stillness, breath, chakras, and many more, I would label these under “interactive” meditation,
    • guiding ones thoughts through focused visualization
  4. It’s a great way to get neurons firing and the heart pumping, potentially making you smarter and healthier
  5. It’s a fun and cheap way to escape…(in a good way)
  6. Premeditation warm up:
    • get in a space where you can zone out for 10mins, ground yourself (I will provide a free grounding process- check back)
    • for now just say to yourself,” I am open to new experiences, thank you for this time for myself…(and whatever else you may like to say)”
    • then begin your meditation


2010: Intention Creation Process

Audio Lesson / Music / Psy-trance

Learn everything you need to know about creating powerful intentions in less than 7 minutes. I read the books, you reap the benefits!

What’s in it? A systematic guide in learning how to create powerful intentions. An intention goes beyond a wish or positive thought. It is in itself, the source of true power. The Power that is in all things, energy. What you will hear is a step by step process to verbally harness that energy and use it for your abundance. In this audio guide, I have summarized the knowledge that many books have researched and expounded, such as The Secret, The Field, The Intention Experiment, Mastery Key System, The Science of Getting Rich, and many more. Please read the books I’ve listed if you can because knowing the source and listening to these genuine teachers will only make you more powerful and the process more valid.

2010: Dream Flying

Guided Meditation / Music / Psy-trance

To be used as guided meditation for dream flying. Try it. Close your eyes, listen, imagine the visuals, and feel the power of flying to space. Each time you meditate and listen to it, get better at imagining and creating the architecture of space. Enjoy your flight.

2004: The Objective

Music Album / Pop-Dance-Electronica

2004: Janeska

Music Artist Site


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  1. Jim G says:

    genie….. mmmmmm I know what I would wish for ;=)

  2. AMSDaily says:

    I downloaded a sample of your book and it is wonderful!

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