I have moved my cooking and recipe blog to PaleoTraveler.com!

My cooking passion is growing and to not takeaway from my mission at InspireHappy, a  health and  fitness site, I’ve decided to give my paleo-food-love its own site!

The newer recipes below will lead you to my new site, but some of the older recipes will still be on this blog.  Also, some of the older recipes may not fall in line with Primal guidelines, but they are Metabolic Typing Diet approved.

Quickly, hear are the five main points you should know regarding the recipes on my Paleo Traveler blog:

1. I believe in the Metabolic Typing Diet macronutrient ratios which are:

  • Protein Type: 70% proteins & fats (40/30) / 30% carbohydrates
  • Carbohydrate Type: 60% carbohydrates / 40% proteins & fats (25/15)
  • Mix-Type: 50% carbohydrates / 50% proteins & fats (30/20)

2. When choosing my macronutrient foods I use the Primal Blueprint guidelines which are:

  • Protein from animal meat, nut, and seeds
  • Carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables, and low-glycemic index starches and pseudocereals
  • Fat from animals, nuts, and seeds

3. I try to live within these guidelines 80% of the time, because sometimes I may want:

  • Dairy
  • Chocolate
  • White rice with my adobo.  There I said it!

4. I love to specialize in adapting and reworking old-world and international recipes that customarily used “not-so-healthy” ingredients and flip them into neoPaleo!

“Old World”  defined as that part of the world that was known before the discovery of the Americas, comprising Europe, Asia, and Africa; the eastern hemisphere.

“International” defined as everywhere else…  leaving no pot lid unopened! ^_^

5. When it is available, I try to buy grass-fed, free range, organic, sustainable, and locally grown farm food; certainly no GMO. Click and read why and what are the most GMO products!

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  1. ThatGuyTaZ says:

    Very Cool site, Jeanne! I’m glad you’re continuing to help our clients through putting in more work! Not everyone is dedicated enough to build up their own blog site! I am proud of you and your clients should appreciate that you really really care!

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