InspireHappy is now exactly 1 years old.  Happy anniversary to us!  We started out slow, but slow is good because we plan to be here for the marathon!  We have had over 58,000 of combined viewing and visits to our blog at and our fitness videos at Happy Body Studio on YouTube with over 500 subscriptions total from all our social media communities.  We will continue to grow by providing what you have all come to expect– knowledge made fun and relatable in the world of holistic health, fitness, and spirit well being.

What to expect in the New Year:

1. We will be releasing our first mobile app, the InspireHappy Genie which should be available in iTunes within the next few weeks.  Quickly, the app is a tool to help people live healthier and happier lives using motivational, inspirational, and fun videos.  And yes, there is a Genie!  Click here and read more about the InspireHappy Genie. *** Update: NOW Available on iTunes*** 😀

2. Our second mobile and tablet app should be available in February, another life-enhancing tool– shshsh, I don’t want to say too much, but be ready! Our team of developers having been working overtime through the holiday season and are excited to unveil their hard work!

3. We will continue blogging about holistic health, promoting science based knowledge with the holistic approach of finding the balance between mind, body, and spirit.  It’s not just workouts, not just nutrition, and not just positive thinking– it’s about finding the healthiest TOTAL YOU and here at InspireHappy that is our mission.

4. We will continue providing free workout videos that promote functional movement and understandable exercise science so that you can be equipped to meet your fitness goals in 2012 and beyond.  The next series will be dedicated to a special reader who asked for low impact / high benefit 😉 workouts that could be done in your home- stay tuned!

5. We also have launched  A site dedicated to food and the love of mixing the Metabolic Typing Diet with Paleo/Primal sensibilities. We specialize in adapting and reworking old-world and international recipes that customarily used “not-so-healthy” ingredients and flip them into neoPaleo!  Visit us for your next meal idea!

Lastly, thank you in advance for your loyalty.  Through your reading, viewing, supporting, and playing with all the things we offer, you help our site run and grow.  If you didn’t notice, I’m saying “we” instead of “I” because now we are a WE which is just too cool.  So thanks again and Happy New Year to us all!

About Jeanne Floresca - EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

Jeanne Floresca is a Certified Matrix Reimprinting & EFT Practitioner and helps people find health, happiness, and love through self-healing. She also loves to write about ageless living, natural beauty, and mindful wellness. Find her at or

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