Sunday Food Prep is a weekly post of Metabolic Typing Diet inspired recipes to feed me and my honey!  Generally, it is meant to feed us for a few days, but it hasn’t quite worked out that way… 2.5  days tops.  I’m sure today’s menu will be the same,  probably  just feed us one more time.  This cooking business is really starting to get stressful, I’m so glad I ordered the Paleo Comforts Food cook book to help me with ideas! By the way, last weeks dish,  Chicken Adobo with Baby Potatoes & Banana Side was a hit.

Some back story for today’s menu choice: I was really tired to go to the grocery store, reconciling that I may not cook, but earlier I had asked my BF what he wanted for dinner and he said steak.  Long story short, I woke up from a nap to find out he washed my car– the man wants steak– HE GETS STEAK!

Just a quick reminder of the macronutrient ratios for the Metabolic Typing Types:

Protein Type: 70% proteins & fats (40/30) / 30% carbohydrates

Carbohydrate Type: 60% carbohydrates / 40% proteins & fats (25/15)

Mix-Type: 50% carbohydrates / 50% proteins & fats (30/20)

*In General: Protein Types should avoid Gluten, Protein & Mix-Types should have high fiber, low-to-medium starch carbs, and sprouted grains.

*There is no calorie counting in the Metabolic Typing Diet. Reason being, if you eat for your body type, your body will know when to stop.  No over-eating.  No cravings.  No depriving.

Go buy The Metabolic Typing Diet book and take the test to find out what you are!

On the Menu: Southwestern Steak Salad with Orange Vinaigrette Recipe
Southwestern Steak Salad with Orange Vinaigrette Recipe

What you need:

  1. rib eye steaks
  2. mixed baby greens
  3.  jicama
  4. black beans
  5. corn (always organic, corn and soy is the most GMO produced product)
  6. mango
  7. tomatoes
  8. avocado
  9. 2 oranges
  10. 1 lime
  11. maple syrup
  12. rice vinegar
  13. sea salt (Salt matters – find out the good and the bad from DR. Mercola here)
  14. fresh pepper
  15. cayenne pepper
  16. chili pepper
  17. virgin coconut oil

Put it together:

The salad: place a bed of greens on plate, add sliced tomatoes, jicama, corn, avocado, mango, and black beans

Steak: rub the steak with sea salt, cayenne pepper, chili powder, and coconut oil then lay on a grill or grill like pan to briefly sear each side, we prefer medium-rare, but it’s your call

Dressing: squeeze 2 oranges and 1 lime in a bowl, add 1 tbs spoon maple syrup, splash of rice vinegar, fresh pepper and stir– add sea salt if you wish

Spoon dressing over food on plate to finish and enjoy!

Now learn  what happens to your food after you swallow it, and why I make sure I only eat low to medium starch carbohydrates after lunch!

Comments are cool!  Recipes rock!  So share and do both below!

About Jeanne Floresca - EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

Jeanne Floresca is a Certified Matrix Reimprinting & EFT Practitioner and helps people find health, happiness, and love through self-healing. She also loves to write about ageless living, natural beauty, and mindful wellness. Find her at or

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  1. Just ate this dish again, but this time instead of steak, I added whole milk mexican cheese! Light and tasty! Southwestern salad with orange vinaigrette

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