HIIT is High-Intensity-Interval-Training.  A HIIT workout is a cardio-intensive workout.   A typical HIIT workout lasts between 9-20mins, but done a few times a week can produce solid results.   You can use the HIIT method of training to improve cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and endurance, and increase weight and fat loss.

HIIT is a perfect workout for people with limited time and ideal for people who get bored easily with doing the same routine week after week.  The exercises utilized can be varied, from body weight to free weights, from selectorized to free motion machines , with an imaginative mind, the multitude of exercise combinations  can be endless.    Most of all, HIIT can be done anywhere, on the track, at the gym, or in your home– no excuses!

Even your grandpa may have participated in HIIT, simply called interval training back then, especially if he was a pretty fit guy because it has been around since 1930’s.  Even so, interval training is not for everyone right off the bat, hence if you are just getting back into the fitness world, I would refrain and first seek out the advise and supervision of a personal trainer.  With that said, if you have been consistently  exercising for over 6 months and  you have average to good stability, moderate strength, and normal stamina, interval training, ok lets use its sexy acronym, HIIT might just be the ticket to getting you more fit and may inspire you stay there.

As stated, the concept of interval training has been around for awhile and though traditionally it has been used for swimming and track, it is appropriate for all sports and activities.  “Interval training consists of repeated bouts of high- to moderate-intensity exercise interspersed with periods of rest or reduced-intensity exercise. ”  Interval training uses similar variables as resistance training such as sets, repetitions, training time, training distance and frequency, exercise interval, and rest or active recovery interval.  There are other methods such as Fartlek, Tabata,  Little Method, and Interval-Circuit Training which all fall under the interval training genre and are just differentiated by the use of variables.

The InspireHappy HIIT Workout Series will use a combination of the Tabata and Interval-Circuit Training method using  functional movement exercises. Which means, we are going to move fast, we will target the whole body, and we will use fun and functional exercises!  Utilizing Tabata variables,  the workout will be 3-4 sets of 4 minutes circuits with exercise intervals of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off, with compete rest for 60 seconds between sets, total training time 15-20 minutes.   Using the Interval-Circuit Training method, within the 4 minute training time, we will have 2 sets of 4 exercises in each circuit.  The exercises will be in the order of high intensity exercise first, followed by a medium intensity exercise, a second medium-intensity exercise, and ending with an active recovery exercise. Workout frequency will be 4-5x per week.  Additionally, intensity depends on a percentage of  each individuals maximum ability, traditionally measured against  their 1-repetition maximum (1RM), percentage of maximum target heart rate (HRmax), or VO2max.  On this upcoming workout series I have tried to choose exercises by level of difficulty as an exchange for intensity.

Now go HIIT it with my InpsireHappy Workout Series:  Part 1 Part 2Part 3!!!
And read How To Have Proper Posture When Exercising; Knowing Your Kinetic Check Points

Resource: Physiology of Sports and Exercise by Wilmore, Costill, and Kenney

TNT (Till Next Tuesday =)

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About Jeanne Floresca - EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

Jeanne Floresca is a Certified Matrix Reimprinting & EFT Practitioner and helps people find health, happiness, and love through self-healing. She also loves to write about ageless living, natural beauty, and mindful wellness. Find her at InspireYouthful.com or MatrixLoveCoach.com

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  1. herbert says:

    There are a lot more variables that just the types of exercises you have listed. Your size, weight and gender affect the amount of calories burned. And if you use any weights or resistance.

    • Hello Herbert!

      You are right, along with time and intensity, to determine exact calorie burn for any exercise would depend on a persons height and weight. I listed some of the acute variables used to determine how interval training is designed, and yes, exercise type is a variable too! For my HIIT series I chose to do body weight exercises- check it out if you have a chance! Click between the parenthesis (http://wp.me/p1qsvD-kS)

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