Winter has come and gone and now it’s time to send those extra pounds  that kept us warm– packing!  Last week, I laid out my exercise plan that I am personally doing to get back into my summer body shape; by the way, it’s super cool that I had such a great response to the video motivating some of you to join me!   Anyhow, losing five pounds is just about fine-tuning what you are already doing.  It’s about looking at your whole process of health and fitness and seeing what can we improve upon.  Additionally, I believe the fine-tuning process should not be painful to do or extreme in nature.

For example things you should NOT do to lose weight are:

1. Starve yourself.

2. Do extreme workouts that you are not ready for.

3. Use illegal drugs, diet pills, or supplements for rapid weight loss.

So how do we fine-tune?

First, let me speak for myself and tell you what I am doing to lose my extra 5 pounds.

1. I am increasing my fiber intake.  Today I started by making a special fiber-full pancake mix ready for the week.  Recipe: organic whole wheat pancake mix, ground flax seed, banana, and walnuts.  I had one pancake, with 2 eggs, blue berries, and a touch of honey (or use real maple syrup).  Fiberlicious Breakfast!Delicious!  Also to add more fiber, I am eating black berries and blue berries throughout the day for snack.  Click here to read the numerous reasons why fiber will help you lose weight.

2. I am only eating low to medium starch carbohydrates for lunch and dinner so that I have longer lasting energy without the high calorie count of high starch carbohydrates.  Also, because of the fiber content of such carbohydrates, I will feel more satiated with these meals.  Low to medium starch carbohydrates are considered low in the glycemic index and thus are good at keeping insulin levels balanced helping to stave off sugar craving as well as mood swings.  If you don’t know the difference between low to high starch, think more colorful vegetables and less potatoes and rice.

3. I am adding 10mins of cardio intervals to my strength training.  Currently my workout regiment is strength training 2x a week, Pilates 2x a week, Bikram yoga 1x a week.  As you can see cardio is missing.  Ever since I stopped ballroom dancing I have not been good at doing my cardio, so to ease back in I am adding 10 minutes 2x a week on my strength training days.  Cardio interval training means to have bursts of high intensity work.  Within the 10 minutes I will do 3 intervals of 1 minute ON and 2 minutes OFF with the last minute to cool down.  For one minute I will run like I’m being chased by Freddie Crouger– scary! Then for 2 minutes I’m going to walk and catch by breath and do this again for a total of 3x.

So that’s my fine-tuning for me.  You can do something similar or you can also try the examples below.

Other ways to fine-tune your health and fitness regiment:

1.  Eat breakfast.  Believe it or not some people don’t eat breakfast and frankly if there is one thing everybody should do, it’s eat breakfast.  It will jump start your metabolism, the chemical processes that your body needs to do in order for you to stay alive- think of it as your engine.  If you think about the word it’s about “breaking the fast” which is what you’ve been doing while you were sleeping.  Thus if you don’t eat breakfast your metabolism, your engine to your energy processing unit will be stalled!  You didn’t give it fuel!  i.e. — food.  Think of it this way, you would rather have a fast functioning metabolism than a slow one, so if we know that eating breakfast will help keep our metabolism running better, which means better weight management– doh… eat breakfast! And of course make it healthy! (Do not eat fast food for breakfast because fast food has zero fiber unless it’s a salad, but who eats salad for breakfast?)  Read more about the nutrition lifestyle I advocate here.

2.  Pick one food that you always eat that YOU KNOW is not good for you and try to give up for 10 days and see if that changes anything in your system from cravings to weight loss.  Mark your calendar with X’s and see if it made a difference.

3.  Take your current fitness program and just add 1 group exercise class more in your week.  Doesn’t matter what it is, just add one more!  Pilates, Kick-boxing, Yoga, boot camp, dance, etc… And bring a friend while your at it– motivate each other and make it fun so you will stick to it!

4.  Try to find more reasons for you to walk…  Park further from the mall or grocery entrance.  Take stairs rather than elevators.  Pace while you talk on the phone.  Turn your office floor into a track and walk it back and forth, like from the copier to the water cooler…make it interesting and talk to people that are not near your cubicle.

5.  Add a quick sprint in your workout.  Stop in the middle of your workout and do a sprint!  Then go back to your workout.  Try and do it 2-3x sporadically in your routine.  Your sprint can be 3-5 seconds long; see how far you can get in 3 seconds! Run like Freddie is chasing you!

6.  Have more sex.  It burns calories, makes you feel good (releasing hormones, like the  “love” hormone oxytocin), and is a stress reliever.  When sex is practiced safely and with love it can boost your confidence motivating you to keep a healthy  and fit life style!  =)

7. Get a personal trainer!  Whether you buy a package of sessions or just one, they can help you design a new workout that will challenge your brain and muscles, give you something different from what you are already doing, and help you stay motivated for the last few pounds you want to shed.  Have you ever thought about virtual training? Maybe an option for you, read about it here.

Get excited!!! You are on your way to losing those 5 pesky pounds!

TNT (Till next Tuesday!)

Comments are cool!  Kindly, leave them below!  Thank you!


About Jeanne Floresca - EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

Jeanne Floresca is a Certified Matrix Reimprinting & EFT Practitioner and helps people find health, happiness, and love through self-healing. She also loves to write about ageless living, natural beauty, and mindful wellness. Find her at or

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