10. Big Toe Efficiency.  Your big toe is used for stability, if it’s weak and unstable you may end up getting a bunion, that’s where the big toe begins to drift inward creating a painful bump on the side of the foot.   How can you make your big toe more efficient? Do barefoot exercises like Pilates and Yoga, do corrective exercises like balancing barefoot on one leg and practice using the big toe to  stabilize as you evenly  distribute your weight.  My favorite toe exercise; playing like your toes are playing on a piano- lifting each toe, one at a time, like doing scales.  Read more about big toe health here.

9. Joint Mobility– particularly in synovial joints.  You need to move your joints in order to keep them healthy, mobile, and pain free.  Movement and compression from exercise in joints is a good thing, it helps  synovial fluid to lubricate, provide nutrients, and to remove waste and debris from the joint capsule.  If you don’t move your joints regularly, you will lose mobility.  Read more on joint care here.

8. Flexibility. Flexibility is the ability to bend repeatedly without injury or damage.  When was the last time you touched your toes with ease? 3rd grade?  Best to practice stretching daily so that you will always be able to tie your own shoe.  Stretch often- do dynamic stretches before a workout, then do  static stretches, holding the stretch for at least 30 seconds after to maintain flexibility.

7. Muscle Mass.  As we age, we all begin to lose muscle mass at around 40 years of age, this decline and loss of function is called sarcopenia.   As growing older is inevitable,  we must combat or delay the onset of decline by strengthening the muscles we do have.  Strength training is essential and helps to keep and build muscle.  Use your muscles often or suffer the loss.  Read more about keeping your muscles here.

6. Bone Mass.  After the age of 25, most people no longer build bone mass.  At the age of 40, both men and women experience bone mass decline.  In order to maintain bone mass you have to do weight bearing exercises like walking or running (your weight is the load).  Although it is still unclear how weight bearing  exercise helps maintain bone mass, the consensus is that it is the best form of prevention.  Additionally, the amount of increased muscle mass you have is directly related to the increase in your bone mass and vice versa.  Learn more about bone mass here.

5. Fertile Sperm. Men can always make new sperm, unless of course something has happened to their seminiferous tubules within the testicles or have other extenuating circumstances.  So to fall in line with our Top 10 maxim, we are talking about the life of  the sperm once it’s out and about!  Basically, if you don’t use a man’s sperm between the few hours (sperm in vagina) to 5 days (sperm in fallopian tubes) to fertilize your egg– you lose it.  Additionally, if men don’t have regular sex, their sperm motility is decreased- I think that falls under the use or lose it rule, right? Learn all about sperm health here.

4. Fertile Eggs.  Women are born with a specific and limited amount of eggs; women don’t produce new eggs like men produce new sperm.  Therefore as women age, so do their eggs and just like overall health can deteriorate with age, so do the eggs.  Although there is no set age where a woman can no longer conceive, it does become more difficult as the years go by– ergo the maxim.  Learn about pregnancy planning here.

3. Floss.  The dentist mantra, “only floss the teeth you want to keep”. I think you get it.  Learn more about flossing here.

2. Brain.  If you don’t use it you may get Alzheimer or dementia.  Part of an Alzheimer and dementia prevention plan is to continually stimulate the brain, i.e. by learning new stuff, whether it’s a new video game, reading interesting material, learning a new language, or a new way to get to your house.  You need to engage your brain daily to keep its alertness and clarity.  Read more about Alzheimer & Dementia prevention here.

1. Generosity.  If you are in the mind that you will give to charity once you have more money, or you will volunteer for a good cause once you have more time, or you will make time to play with your family once you have settled in your career– the general outcome will be, that you will never give as much as you do now.   The poorer and busier person who finds generosity for family and strangers now, will always give of themselves  and give even more when he or she has more… Use your generosity now, because you may not be around for later.

TNT! (till next Tuesday =)

Comments are cool!  Kindly, leave them below!  Thank you!

About Jeanne Floresca - EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

Jeanne Floresca is a Certified Matrix Reimprinting & EFT Practitioner and helps people find health, happiness, and love through self-healing. She also loves to write about ageless living, natural beauty, and mindful wellness. Find her at InspireYouthful.com or MatrixLoveCoach.com

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