Repetitive anything can be a recipe for ruckus in the mind and body.  Here are three examples:

  1. Repetitive movements at work from filing to typing, from lifting to screwing, can wreck havoc on your body.
  2. Repetitive thoughts, specifically negative obsessive thoughts can be hazardous to ones mental wellness.
  3. Repetitive bad behavior can steer our mind and body in a path of regret and ruination.

So, what to do?  Here are steps to get off the REPEAT mode and start thinking and acting in SHUFFLE mode.

Back to our examples, here are easy ways to shuffle the patterns that we are immersed in so that we minimize the wear and tear to our mind and body.  Using personal examples, I hope to convey my point.

1. Here is an example of a person who has a job with excessive repetitive actions and the steps that helped  minimize the effects on her body.

I once had a client who worked as a medical receptionist.  She complained of neck pains every session.  I asked her to mimic her work and guess what I saw?  She sat behind a glass window all day and when she needed to get the attention of other personnel she would stick her head out the window opening and look to the left; she basically did this 100x a day.  Sticking your neck out a window ONLY to the left 100x a day will get neck problems.  Duh.  This is how we SHUFFLE:

1A.  I told her to look to the right sometimes. =)

1B.  I told her to do chair stretches involving her neck, shoulders, upper back, and arms every thirty minutes.  We shuffled in her daily routine one little stretch that took 30 seconds which was enough time to help those particular muscles to relax.

1C .  As her trainer, I had her doing exercises  that moved her in the opposite direction of her problem.  Meaning, she did a lot of back and neck extensions (stretching backwards), chest stretches, and strengthening  of her core and upper body to help support her work activity.

2.  Here is an example of a repetitive negative thought pattern that can destabilize the mental balance of most.

“I am not good enough.”  For some this thought is rare, for some this thought is daily.  In any case, here is what you can do to combat and shuffle this insipid thought out of your head.

2A. Replace the thought phrase immediately with, “I am deserving of all the goodness and blessings I am bestowed. “  If your chuckling because that’s too “new age” for you, use this, “I deserve the best in life.”  Then, believe it.

2B.  When you become aware of this negative thought pattern, or for that matter, any thought pattern that does not benefit you– squash it immediately by SHUFFLING, i.e. move your feet!  Change your physical state by going for a walk, participate in a sweat-your-stress-off cardio group exercise class, or plainly put on music that makes you dance.  Physically move then feel how your brain and body chemistry will change for the better.  Not only will you change your current mood, but you will more than likely gain a better perspective on the situation.

2C.  Write attainable, daily goals.  Making realistic daily goals and actually achieving them will help build confidence; slowly steering us away from the insecurities that we may have in regards to what we think we deserve or don’t deserve.  We must rightly claim our life and get things done!

3.  Here is an example of bad behavior in REPEAT mode and how to SHUFFLE your way into better habits.

Constantly going for “bad” food every time we have a manic day.  The so called “bad” food is different for everyone, but we all have the go-to food that seemingly comforts us, but clearly works against us.

3A.  When you are in the throes of reaching for the “bad” food, literally slap your own hand away!  Be your own bodyguard, and guard your body from bad stuff!  You can be your most powerful ally if you can just become more aware of your actions and be accountable to yourself.

3B.  When you realize only after you have consumed the “bad” food that crappers, you shouldn’t have done that, don’t beat yourself up too much.  Know that one night of consuming unhealthy food is not going to hurt you, but daily binges will fatten and ultimately be the ruin of you.  So SHUFFLE in healthy food days in between the not-so healthy days and try to have a string of the healthy food days more often than not.

3C.   When your self-imposed bodyguard turned a blind eye to the baddies, go in combat mode the next day and send in the Marines.  Translation, go to boot-camp and kick the baddies butt, um, that’s you =/

I hope you find this post funny and helpful!  I enjoyed writing it!  TNT  (Till next Tuesday =)

Comments are cool!  Kindly, leave them below!  Thank you!

About Jeanne Floresca - EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

Jeanne Floresca is a Certified Matrix Reimprinting & EFT Practitioner and helps people find health, happiness, and love through self-healing. She also loves to write about ageless living, natural beauty, and mindful wellness. Find her at or

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