Straight from my book, IF your day went like this…

Chapter 8

Step #8 Linchpin

Linchpin is a requisite in having the best day ever.  I would like to thank Seth Godin for my Step 8 linchpin because he masterfully articulated what I mean to say in his book, Linchpin: Are you indispensable? I highly recommend reading his book, in it you will find an in-depth description of what it takes to be a linchpin.  For the purpose of having our best day ever, in my own words I will try to summarize the key points.  As well, I take the idea of linchpin a little further.

In Seth Godins’ book, a linchpin is an indispensable individual in the work force, but I figure, why stop there?  Why not be indispensable in every aspect of your life?  In this 10 Step process, think of linchpins as indispensable people, irreplaceable artists in every facet of their life.  He and she is the linchpin in their family, in their work place, and most of all, in their own lives.

Hmmm… Ok, I will be open to that, please explain.

Why is being a linchpin so important in your day?

What happens if you don’t become a linchpin?

How will being a linchpin make you happier?

How do you become a linchpin?

I’m glad you asked…

Why is being a linchpin so important in your quest for the best day ever?  First, you must believe that you are the main reason for your success and happiness or your failure and complacency.  You are the reason because you choose to do either.  You are the driving force.  I know it’s kind of heavy, but it’s just a perspective, and one that hopefully can motivate most people.  Therefore, it is important then to choose to do Step 8 and be a linchpin in your quest for the best day ever because through this modality, you become a key player in your day, subsequently, your life.

To be a key player in your life means to take control of the direction your life is going—to literally be in the driver’s seat.   You decide to take control of certain aspects of your day so that you can give yourself the joy of living your best day ever.  To recap our 10 Step process, when you are the driver of your life you decide how to nourish yourself, you decide to live in gratitude, you decide to renew your spirit, to arrive confidently, to create an intention of success, to trigger happiness, to envision love,  and to be a linchpin!

What happens if you don’t become a linchpin?  If you don’t choose to be a linchpin then you will become what others want you to be and that can range from anything from a robot, to a cog, to a complaisant compliant consuming consumer, and lest we forget, the “empty shell” scenario.  I realize the repercussions of choosing not to be a linchpin are bleak, but in my readings, these seem to be the end results.  So I hope you are like me and you say with spirit, “Screw that!”

Choose to be a linchpin because it will make you a happier and a more fulfilled person.  How?  Well, first a linchpin is a person who cares.  He cares about his family and friends that he genuinely spends time with them and nurtures each meaningful relationship.  She cares about her job and what she does, contributing her uniqueness, her passion, smarts, and time regardless of her pay or status.  They care about making real connections with the people around them.  Thus, a linchpin is an indispensable, irreplaceable  person who makes a difference in the lives of the people they touch.  As a result, a linchpin is certainly a person whom you would want as a friend, family member, and as an employee.

Second, a linchpin is an artist.  Seth Godin, (Linchpin) “people who invent, lead (regardless of title), connect others, make things happen, and create order out of chaos… They love their work, pour their best selves into it, and turn each day into a kind of art.” I would like to reiterate the words, “each day” because again, in order to create your best life ever, it starts with making each day, and for our case, the best day ever.  Being this artist in your life means you are the developer, the architect, the director, and the protagonist.  You take ownership of your day, how it unfolds, how you participate, and how you contribute.

As a linchpin you contribute.  You give gifts.  The gift is your art.  Your art is that which you do well, whether it is being a great salesperson, an inspiring teacher, or an outstanding mom or dad.  You are a linchpin because you are the best at doing it.  Your art can be anything from how you handle a sticky situation, to how you make people smile and laugh—in the end, it’s about being present and aware of every moment in your day that you turn every activity into the ‘Art of ____________.’

For example: ‘the art of being a good friend’, ‘the art of healthy cooking’, ‘the art of a tidy home’, etc.  When linchpins create art, they pour their love into it.  Love and their art is synonymous.  For example, when you exemplify the ‘art of being a wonderful mom,’ every moment and act with your child is filled with love. Wouldn’t you agree that when you take this much time, focus, and attention to every moment of your day, where you do everything like an art, you are living each moment with love? (smile and nod in agreement)

Even more impressive, you give your art as gifts unselfishly to every connection you encounter.  With all this gift giving, you make an immeasurable impact in every aspect of the lives of others and in turn, your life.  Be a linchpin and be rewarded with happiness and fulfillment for your art.

How do you become a linchpin?  It is a choice.  Once you make the choice, you just do it.  What is “it”? It is all of the above.  A linchpin is   caring, giving, makes a difference, is a leader, makes connections, makes things happen, and most of all lovingly creates art and freely gives it to all he/she touches.

I realize it may seem daunting to invest so much effort into every activity in your life. Therefore, in the beginning I recommend picking one activity each day to purposely practice your linchpin powers!  Whether you apply it to some of your life or all, claim yourself to be a linchpin and think of yourself as an artist! I repeat, being a linchpin means you pour your love into your art which is your work, your family, your friends, and yourself.  Do Step 8 linchpin, make a difference in your day, and reap the benefits of a life filled with art, love, fulfillment, and happiness.

TNT (Till Next Tuesday =)

Resource: Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? and IF your day went like this…

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Jeanne Floresca is a Certified Matrix Reimprinting & EFT Practitioner and helps people find health, happiness, and love through self-healing. She also loves to write about ageless living, natural beauty, and mindful wellness. Find her at or

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  1. I found this article in the NY Times and thought of my book and blog post. As the article explains, daily happiness is a component of a productive day!
    *click in-between parenthesis, for whatever reason the link is invisible*
    (Do Happier People Work Harder?)
    Published: September 3, 2011
    Employees’ apathy and disengagement cost American businesses a fortune.

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